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Innovation methods focused on intelligent processes to explain how Internet culture has misrepresented a successful person’s conception. Contemporary adults desire an immediate successful lifestyle or the easy way to achieve a goal without much effort. 

Success is about the outgrowth of too many previous processes and discipline built over the years.

A modern business specialist like George Graham, Clayton Christensen, or Gary Hamel agrees about the entrepreneur, professional, or student must understand that each goal accomplishment is due to strategy and discipline – Also Constance and continuous effort over time.

However, the long term commitment to a critical task describes one of the main challenges in our self-development each time our brain feels the goal too far from the current position. This phenomenon is due to the natural resistance of wait for results – even more since the plan would take up to years.

Another hidden factor of a mental block towards goal commitment is the misconception about the real effort we need to finish a critical task in a short or extended period. During the first ten years of life, social definitions taught us to avoid the difficulty and not assume risks in complex tasks or projects. 

Nowadays, it is fundamental and convenient to recognize that our mind is the first challenge to reach our better version of managing a critical responsibility. We require to replace repetitive insecurities and doubts inherited from society with clear and positive statements of commitment not to quit until we finish the plan.

If we can divide the long term goal into a short series of friendly tasks, we would build compact and helpful objectives that will make the process much more achievable, comfortable, and less demanding.

We must also play the psychological hack that allows us to bypass all the previous social definitions with confident resolutions. Success Education is about a constant effort held over time – millionaires showed in Instagram did not build their fortune in a couple of weeks. 

How I plan my task

The Buddhist teachings are an essential tool to learn to fulfill our goals most cheerfully. More than all, those lessons invite us to travel to our spirit’s depths to understand the results are the motivations that want us to reach a point of satisfaction.

This internal journey to the deepest corners of our spirit will make us visualize “why” we want to achieve a goal and the indicator of success that is considered appropriate.

Meanwhile, Buddhism lessons lead us to consider spiritual success as the main foundation of our self-development. Success in the modern era is more than a financial or bank account and money indicators, which places social media the wrong meaning of happiness. 

Merge spiritual richness with wealth development will help us to visualize the steps that will lead us to a goal through a clear and defined strategy that we can follow – for example:

1. Establish realistic times to go from the initial state to the ideal state.

2. Set a milestone as the practical goal you want to achieve.

3. Make the fulfillment of this milestone depend on you to the maximum extent possible so that the risk of surprise factors.

4. Divide the milestone into at least ten previous phases that summarize the previous steps into operational tasks.

5. Prepare contingency plans if the previous tasks’ development is more complicated than you planned or the results do not turn out as expected.

6. Generate an intelligent system of evaluation and control of your goal to know the real state of the situation and know how to predict when it takes more time to achieve the goal.

7. Negotiate with you exceptional deadlines to increase the effort and moments to make the load lighter, so the task will not be seen as an obligation but a way of approaching the objectives.

8. Finally, DO NOT abandon the goal if you realistically infer that its achievement is far from the original plan. Rather, reorient it based on what you have done and if you need more time, give it to yourself to honor all the effort you have put into it.


Isaías Elías Blanco


Tyche Editor | Writer, book author and investigative journalist specialist in spiritual and personal success development.

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