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In modern society, the high labor and economic competition added to the immeasurable desire to become an Internet celebrity awakens the most unfair impulses of the human being to get more money, regardless of overwhelming anyone.

It is worth remembering that an intention is the physical consequence of a series of desires and emotions that revolve around an individual’s deepest motivations. 

If the epicenter of intentionality works under greed, envy, hatred and resentment, all the resulting actions will lack ethics or respect.

Nowadays, in the middle of social media celebrities, further essential to manage how much success to share on Instagram. Even more, since there are a lot of “buddies” covering their envy for our success under hypocrite messages. 

It is relevant to keep our minds free of bad vibes, envy, troubles, gossip, and unrelated topics from our immediate environment in entrepreneurship times. We must also learn to apart toxic persons from our business and home to prevent contamination of their complaints, pains, debts, fears, and criticism.

Moreover, we should learn how to establish a series of psychological, vibrational and spiritual protections if we seek to detect any person who approaches our entrepreneurship, business and job with malicious intention. 

Be careful of all your ‘friends’ who will ask you repetitive times how much money you earn per month. Those questions hide malicious intentions and envy behind their concern -even more when they strive to discover how it works the business core of your product and who your connections are.

Consider each joke related to your business or project as an attempt to demerit it and look for flaws. Envy’s friends’ will use “innocent jokes” to criticize the worth of your work, proposal, product or service.


Religions arrange a lot of emphasis on helping others and those in need; But why help a person with bad intentions?


If we base ourselves on Art of Happiness, written by the Dalai Lama, we can affirm that it would be disrespectful to our spirit not to consider the effort we have made to raise our project, letting dark energies stand in the way to success.

Malicious people are specialists in sentimental and affective manipulation since they discover how to victimize themselves to connect with the feelings of their “friends”. They would use self-pain to gain attention and favors for themselves for the maximum time possible. 

In the social media era, we must learn to strengthen our spiritual strength to avoid all kinds of manipulations and not let strangers discover our lifestyle’s secrets. 

Entrepreneurs should be very cautious and not talk more than necessary because bad intentions disguise themselves as friends and trusted people to analyze how and where to erode the foundations of your motivation, inspiration and goodwill to progress.

Although modern psychology explains that humans reinforce their imaginary of action based on previous experiences and the circle of friends where they live, we should avoid all people who come from mental states different from our entrepreneurship and innovation program.


Isaías Elías Blanco


Tyche Editor | Writer, book author and investigative journalist specialist in spiritual and personal success development.

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